Organizational Messaging

This content takes on the voices of three different non-profit organizations AYF, WITS, and FDF. All three organizations value professionalism and warmth. 

  • Newsletter page: Alumni profiles in international settings.
  • Blog sample: A Centurion Shares her Experience with rare disease. Over 3,000 reached and 18 shares on Facebook page with 2,000 followers.
  • Volunteer Recruiting: Placing 2,000 volunteers in Chicago Public Schools
  • Annual Report: The first explanation new partners see of mentoring programs and volunteer appreciation.
  • Email Appeal: The final reach out in a campaign that brought in $28,000.
  • Patient Communication: An exchange with a 12 year old whose "life suuuucks"

Social Media

This is a small sampling of text and imagery used to engage on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Since I've taken over social media, weekly page engagement has doubled.

SEO and White Label Work

Because this is white label writing, my byline will not appear anywhere. I can provide proof that all writing is mine.