We Expect to be Discovered Any Day Now

Prepare for less blogging during this gig. We’ve moved ourselves to southern California and we expect to be "discovered" by either Hollywood or venture capital or both any day now. Already the first five weeks have flown by!

I had low expectations for Southern California, but so far we’re having a blast. We’ve parked in the desert, with a lovely view of the San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountains, which remain snow capped although it is a blistering 90* out. We’re a quick trip to Palm Springs where there happens to be a free, outdoor art installation at the moment and the super bloom airbrushes the highway medians with color on the way to Joshua Tree and Death Valley. We have made a bucket list of hiking trails that feature slot canyons, waterfalls, hot springs, cholla, and high peak pines. We’re saving the attitude trails for later in the spring when the desert heat makes low-land hiking unbearable.

If the exceptional hiking opportunities aren’t enough, there’s more! I am a social creature and I miss the friends I’ve left to travel, but LA seems to have gathered a good handful of them. We’ve already visited 3 college friends who live in the area and are all connected to one local craft brewery or another. My permanent choice for all my phone-a-friend situations lives in LA, and I even got to celebrate Passover with my great-Aunt and extended family.

We’ve discovered that it only costs $10 to metralink our way to LA, so we’ve splurged on tickets to see Billy Joel (who was featured heavily in both of our childhood cassette tape collections) and we’re making plans to visit the Channel Islands sometime soon.

There’s so much to do, it’s overwhelming. One has to leave time for the unexpected!

A few weeks ago we went for a short morning hike and ran into a friend from Chicago! We planned to move the house in the afternoon but wanted to take a few paces on the PCT. There were many different trails we considered. Our start time was delayed, and we debated taking the loop in the opposite direction. If we had chosen any slightly different variable, we might never have known that we were on the same trail as Shane (a brännboll heavy hitter and super star)! The hike is a popular local destination, but not necessarily The Thing to see as a tourists. Shane happened to be visiting his parents, and he was able to join us in the trailer for dinner. It was so nice to bring a little bit of Chicago into our traveling home!

The plans continue to brew and adventure abounds, but one has to remain eternally open. Who knows what the next few weeks will bring!