Between Job Adventures: Arizona to Idaho

Some of the very best parts of travel nursing are the times in between gigs. It's a forced vacation every 3 months.  During anchored life vacations you are either a) driving through familiar roads to local destinations or b) paying the big dollars to fly someplace exciting. In contrast, travel nurse vacations start from a relatively new location (Southern Arizona)  and bring you to an even newer location (Southern Idaho, what are you about?!?).  

There was SO much to see and do in Arizona and Utah, we had to pick and choose. Here's a quick photo-romp through adventures (with a few recommendations below).


Brief recommendations:

Sedona: Boynton Canyon is the best! Very relaxing and the vortex made us feel all zen and balanced. Devil's bridge is quick and pretty incredible. Our scout team (slash--adventurous in-laws) recommended the Mesa Grill, right next to the airport. They weren't wrong! It was delicious and also lots of fun to people watch at such a small, swanky airport. 

Grand Canyon: Hike to the river. From the top, it's impossibly big and difficult to comprehend. Hiking in really gives perspective and that sense of wonder. Get to the back country office as soon as you get there and hope to get a permit.

Zion: The trolley makes this park so easy. We loved Hidden Canyon and wished we had time to explore the narrows, but the water level and flash flood warnings kept us out. This place really feels like an oasis in the desert. Good job, water!

Bryce: Get there early--the shuttle system here was the pits and the parking lots fill up quickly. We were sore from the Grand Canyon and not that interested in hiking down, with a thousand other tourists and their annoying kids who were feeding all the GD squirrels who were then super aggressive and would try to take your lunch from your backpack WHILE YOU WERE WEARING IT. But as Paul reminded me, it's the parents not the kids who deserve our contempt. 

We did go to the "Hat Shop" (a geological formation not a store, but I have become a devote hat person in all this heat and sun) and we were somehow the only hikers on this trail. It was lovely.