We quit our jobs and moved into a trailer

At the end of December, Paul and I quit our stable jobs in Chicago to hit the open road. We'd been dreaming of travel nursing for years, and finally decided the time was right to take the adventurous leap. Neither of us had ever spent even a single night in an RV/Camper/Travel Trailer before. So we did the responsible adult thing and tried to read as much as we could about making the switch to full time RVing. 

Obligatory wedding photo of us looking the prettiest we've ever looked while dreaming

Obligatory wedding photo of us looking the prettiest we've ever looked while dreaming

I googled and pinterested the juice out of Full time RVing, living in a travel trailer, travel trailer home, downsizing to a trailer, etc. And while there are a few blogs and how-tos out there, they never seemed like they had enough of, or the kind of information we wanted. Now that I've lived that process, I get why there isn't more detailed info out there.

It took us several months to pare down and pack up our lives in Chicago, a week to buy a trailer, two weeks to clean that trailer and make cosmetic changes, three days to move our crap into the trailer, and another week to drive it to Paul's first gig (he's the nurse, by the by). During that time, we were working on projects/paperwork/plans from dawn until we collapsed with exhaustion at night. There was no time for updating a blog with detailed information about how to prime your trailer bathroom walls, people.

Now we've been in Tucson--land of 350 sunny days a year--for a week. I have biked 75 miles of the loop path, hiked 25 miles in the catalinas, and convinced Paul to get in the pool/hot tub with me once. It was time to start this dang blog. I promise this blog will not be as peppy as all those other RV blogs I found and I'll do my best to retroactively fill in the gaps of how we got ourselves into this version of heaven.